Goals & Motivation

Innovation At Every Step


Innovative Technology

VSH provides innovative technology designed for your conventional pumping units at generally half the cost of running expensive generators in remote locations.

Hydraulic Power Systems

Our natural gas engine powered hydraulic system offer automated Variable Speed Drive (VSD) capabilities to provide complete pump off control and effective rod string management, thereby reducing workover costs while optimizing well production.

Hydraulic Variable Speed Drive (0-7spm)

Dynamic Breaking eliminates engine over-revving when the pump-jack out of balance. Our Integrated variable speed control for natural gas driven systems is available for new and existing installations. Safe & user-friendly field operating procedures.

Prime Mover

Industrial, Heavy Duty, Multi-Cylinder, Single Cylinder and 2 stroke Engines provide Hydraulic power for all VSH equipment packages


Selection Criteria & Key Benefits


New Drills

Erratic Inflow wells

Gas Locking

Gas Interference


Timer wells

Packing Leaks

Hot Polish Rods

Fluid Pound


Low Production wells

Deviated or Horizontal wells

Wax Issues

Jackshaft Replacement


Enviro sensitive areas

Consistent high fluid levels

Reservoir stimulated wells

High-Frequency Workovers

Reduction in workovers
Reduction in well production decline
Increase in production
Increase in up-time

Optimizing your flow

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